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Our products have a wide range of application they find their use in the industries such as pharmaceutical, mineral water, textile processing, paint shop for automobiles, etc.

About Us

Aqua Pure Systems Inc. is a manufacturer, importer, exporter, supplier and service provider of Multi Media Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Dosing System, Softener, RO Plant, UltraFiltration System, DM Plant and Distribution System. Established in the year 2006, we are bringing the modern technology to the business. The market dynamics have changed immensely over the years. There are many manufacturers in the same product category and so the market have become highly competitive. To be among the key players, we have been offering high quality products at competitive prices.

All our products are results of Research and Development by highly skilled people and they are tested before being pushed into production. We also provide service for all our products.

We have a wide network through out the country and have partners in places like Pune, Jamshedepur, Chennai, Nagpur, Indore and Bhopal. Our products are exported to countries worldwide. With our futuristic approach and entrepreneurial skills, we hope to have our presence in the domestic as well as international markets.